After years of development Umoja/Visions Silky Smooth has created a high quality line of hair care products for professional stylists.  These revolutionary hair care products are formulated to treat individuals with excessively curly hair. 

The Visions Relaxer System is designed to correct and custom treat hair that has been damaged by chemical, heat or environmental conditions.  Our patented Visions system keeps your clients hair looking good and feeling healthy. The Visions Relaxer System includes chemical relaxers in 3 strengths; mild, regular and super, conditioning shampoos, customized conditioners and styling aids in wholesale and retail sizes. 

We are proud of our products and we know that you will be satisfied with their results.  The Visions Relaxer System product line is formulated for use by professional stylists. 

If you are interested in using the Umoja-Vision's system please contact us by phone (504) 822-6377 or go to the contact us page.